April L., North Park

I have used Kirsten several times for personal chef services and she is fabulous. She always comes up with inventive and healthy menus for our family. Every dish is delicious and she customizes each menu based on dietary preferences and needs, and she is always very professional and friendly! Kirsten is the best!

Ivan B

It is my pleasure to thank you for the excellent service you gave our family. The food you prepared was excellently done and your menus were also varied with an emphasis on healthy dining.

Jordan C

Kirsten has been an incredible chef for our very busy family. Her service has transformed our evenings from rushing around and hoping to find some store-bought, packaged meal in the freezer to "cook" into evenings where we still rush around but now easily pop a healthy, delicious meal into the oven or microwave! It really has lowered our stress and lets us enjoy our evenings with our 3 young children - all of whom love Chef Kirsten's meals! (Seriously, is there any bigger compliment than a 4-year-old enjoying his dinner EVERY night?) Kirsten has been very receptive to feedback and has introduced us to a variety of foods we've never had before. She also accommodates different preferences - making spicy and non-spicy versions of certain meals to please everyone in the family. Each week, she emails the menu in advance so we can customize accordingly, and leaves clear instructions for how to reheat each meal. We're very happy to have found her and would recommend

her to anyone!

Desiree H

Kirsten is amazing - I hired her in April 2016 and she has been cooking for my family every week since then.
There is so many things to love. Her food is delicious and she cooks whatever we want every week - sometimes its vegan, sometimes its paleo, sometimes its traditional, sometimes its international, non-dairy, gluten free - she can do anything and the food is delicious. Usually, we request a combination of these and she does a great job with that variety. We request organic, farm to table and she accommodates that.

She also keeps the dinners to 300-400 cal/dinner. All the food is individually packaged for portions and labeled for easy reheat for my kids (my husband and I both work and my teenagers are both in sports --- so everyone needs to eat at different times).

We agree on the menu a day or two in advance and she comes every Tuesday morning and cooks from 8am-12n while we are all gone. The kitchen is sparkling clean when she leaves (and smells amazing!).

Her prices are VERY reasonable for the service.
I highly recommend her.


Krysten M

I have been using Chef Kirsten for a few months now and I love her!!! I was sick of easing cereal and eggs for dinner when I would come home late and wanted a healthier, tastier option. I came across Chef Kirsten in a google search and immediately knew she was the one for me after seeing a sample menu. She uses a variety of different flavors and spices from different regions. I love Thai, Indian and Greek food, all of which she has great recipes for. She also seeks and is open to feedback, suggestions and options for different meals. She tailors the meals to fit my requests and I have been happy with every meal. I love that she comes to my house, cooks and then we have meals for 2 for 2 weeks!  This is a great option for people who work a lot(like me) or people who want to try a variety of dinner items. I HIGHLY recommend Chef Kirsten!!

Rebecca Garfinkle

From me:

We are a family of four- two working parents, a 9 year old and a 4 year old.  We were trying to find ways to make our evenings less hectic when we discovered Chef Kirsten.  Now, Chef Kirsten puts time and energy into planning for, shopping for, and preparing our meals giving us more of that hard-to-come-by family time. Chef Kirsten has allowed us to have much more relaxing and enjoyable evenings together.   The meals are complete, healthy, and delicious!  We look forward to approving the “menu” each week.  Chef Kirsten has created dishes that work for our whole family. She has made some “staples” and continues to introduce us to new dishes.  She is always open to feedback and makes adjustments based on our family’s preferences. Chef Kirsten brings us not only amazing food, but also a little bit of sanity in our crazy lives.  We consider ourselves lucky to have found her.


From Abram =)

Thank you for your time. I don’t know which dinner I liked best! I like the burritos, salmon, pasta, pizza, chicken, soup, and I can’t name them all! And most of all, I tried new things! I also hope the cat had fun with you and you had fun with the cat.


Kirsten is a wonderful chef and a dear person.  She creates healthy and delicious meals that fit in exactly to the needs I request.  Her ability to combine flavors is amazing.  I truly enjoy that she makes many entrees and then lets me know different ways of combining them adding even more choices to my meals.

I feel fortunate to have her and have never eaten so healthily on a consistent basis. I have truly enjoyed me meals prepared by the blue ribbon chef.

Jason and Justin

The level of service Kirsten provides is amazing for entrepreneurs like us! When you're as busy as we are it's difficult to eat healthy, but Kirsten has been fantastic at designing a delicious menu of dishes that meet our needs. Knowing that you're going to have incredible food waiting for you when you want it is absolutely priceless.

Laura. Napa Valley

Feel extremely fortunate to have found chef Kirsten Vieira some months ago. In addition to preparing healthy nutrient-dense, fresh varied pescatarian meals for my son & family she brings along her spirit of kindness and happiness which is reflected in her "bright happy" cooking! From the outset, chef Kirsten immediately grasped the necessity for the high nutrition my son's health recovery requires. Her menus are well-balanced with interesting combinations & delicious tasting.
As a fellow chef in the Napa Valley, I continue to be impressed by her mindful attitude & professionalism. I highly recommend this fine & wonderful personal chef.

Ann Daigle

I would recommend Chef Kirsten's service to those who enjoy creative, healthy, well balanced, fresh home cooking. The meals are restaurant quality without all the calories and processed ingredients. Having Kirsten as a personal chef is a great solution for busy professional families" - Cherry Miyake
“The food was delicious and everyone raved about it!! Kirsten’s flavors were balanced, fresh, and well prepared!

Laynee Layne and Grant Pecoff

We have been lucky enough to have Kirsten as our personal chef.  Kirsten's food is creative and diverse, in fact, we have never had a repeat item in all these weeks.  Her menu planning is thoughtful and balanced.   She is able to accommodate specific dietary guidelines such as gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan.  Most importantly, everything she cooks is delicious.  She is able to develop very complex flavors with subtle layers of undertones -  her soups are out of this world! Since she has been cooking for us, I have lost two pounds (without trying) and every day I look forward to her nourishing and healthy cooking.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it..

Jenny W.

Kirsten is a skilled chef who listens closely to your needs, and works quickly to provide a customized menu for your family. She truly cares about providing the best possible and our family's health is thriving as a result. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a  friendly and flexible chef that is easy to work with.

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