Born and Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii Kirsten was exposed to wide variety of cultures and foods from an early age. She is very familiar with all of the spices and flavor profiles that make up Asian, Indian, Spanish as well as all regional cuisines found through our country. She specializes in using these skills to enhance your special diet. Kirsten loves to educate her customers on the food they are eating and has a knack for helping clients to discover new foods or put a fresh and healthy twist on family favorites.

A graduate of the culinary program at the Art Institute San Diego Kirsten has the technique and background that inspires her to create menus custom tailored to your family’s tastes and dietary needs. She has helped many people throughout the San Diego area to replace processed foods with fresh, healthy and delicious meals!

My Goal

My goal is to provide you with a custom dinner you can have at your leisure. Come home to a selection of meals that you can pick and choose from and feel good about. Avoid that frantic stop to the crowded grocery store or to that restaurant with greasy takeout after an already busy day.